MOVIE TALK – Halloween Favourites.

Old or New – Halloween is approaching so what do people prefer. The old classics or the new breed of Horror Movies. I always find this an interesting topic when I speak to my friends, so I put the question to you fellow Bloggers/Tweeters and movie watchers. If you have to choose a top 3 of horror movies ever watched. What would you put?


The mix of answers that i usually get is interesting. The younger group of friends seem to go for new breed movies like Don’t Breathe, It Follows, and Get out. However my older friends prefer the originals like The Exorcist, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and so on.

I find my self in an interesting situation, I quite like a mix of both, so for me Halloween allows me to watch a huge mix of movies which I absolutely enjoy. Now of course while watching a Halloween movie you need to have lights off. All adds to the effect of this. So Ladies and Gents I put to you. Do you enjoy Halloween Movies? If so what would you rank in your top 3 movies.

1. Saw – I absolutely loved the concept and must have gone to see the movie 3 or 4 times in the cinema.

2.The Exorcist – For me the granddaddy of horror movies. If it wasn’t for movies like this I doubt the horror genre would have been so popular

3.Get out – The new breed of Horror and Suspense – If you haven’t seen this YOU MUST…

Thats mine. Lets compare Ladies and Gents!!